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“Should we have stayed at home and thought of here?”... Elizabeth Bishop

How can it be the 25th anniversary of KDavis Travels!!! It just goes to show if you keep walking, you lose all sense of passing time! It has been a grand 25 years. The first trip was to the Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales in the autumn of 1993. And so, the high bar was set …we were hiking in some of the most beautiful scenery the world has to offer. Over 300 hikers have now walked that beautiful coastal path with me. In addition, since 1993 we have followed trails in Ireland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Portugal, and Mexico. We have met wonderful people along the way and lasting friendships have formed.

Thank you to all of you that have come!!! You brought your own uniqueness to enrich every trip experience.

The 25th year will find us returning to Portugal and to Exmoor, England…both were new trips in 2016, back to the Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales and a new trip to Ireland’s West Coast. The Portugal and Ireland trips will each have a 3 day optional extension: Lisbon, Portugal and Dublin, Ireland. As I look at these destinations I see they are all “on the geographical edge”. Partly because of its maritime location Portugal sent explorers all over the world. Exmoor has as its border the Bristol Channel and the Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales looks to the Irish Sea. The West Coast of Ireland faces the expansive Atlantic Ocean.

Evora, Portugal is our base for exploring the Alentejo Plateau—where Portugal meets Spain . Surrounded by cork trees and olive groves, Evora is a walled city of white washed buildings, cathedrals, and a Roman Temple . Named a World Heritage Site in 1986 this town has been under the rule of the Romans, the Moors, and the Portuguese kings over the past 2,000 years.

Separated by the Bristol Channel, Exmoor, England and Wales are “separate nations” within the UK. Exmoor is quite English with thatched roofs and expansive hill and moorland. The Pembrokeshire Coast of Wales is all about the sea with its coastal path along cliff tops and crashing waves beneath.

The West Coast of Ireland features the Burren… a walker's paradise of a rocky moonscape with wildflowers breaking through, the Cliffs of Moher—a straight vertical 203 meters rising up from the Atlantic, and to accompany this there is the tradition of Ireland ...its music. Further south along the coast is Dingle… the name of both the peninsula and the village...jutting into the Atlantic it is strewn with ancient ruins, a fishing town with a very active harbor, antique pubs doubling as shoe shops or hardware stores being music venues. This is Ireland!

Come…travel to the edges with me!

Karen Davis

15 years!


Evora, Portugal
April 23-29, 2017

Exmoor, England
May 3-10, 2017

Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales
May 23-30, 2017

West Coast Ireland
June 5-12, 2017

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